Tough times, eh? People need affordable vehicle maintenance and repair. That's what motivates me, cost of living, and it goes nowhere but up. People got to do something. Aren't you tired of getting gouged in repair bills and cost of gas. Are you feeling you're not appreciated enough, in the dark, under control. May be you like to get some freedom. We can be the management and employees at the time. Financial transparency, the public trust, confidence and honest appreciation. It's all possible here.

Bio-constituentes in the air are changing. Food growth depends on the air.

     What could a green tech co-op do to change the air for good of life?

We can do what needs to be done.

     1) We can reduce the rate at which bio dependent chemicals are exhausted into the air from internal and external combustion systems (systems that burn for energy) and save our customers money.

      2) We can extract bio dependent chemicals from the air, and that way reduce the concentrations of those gases which hold heat from the sun. These gases have industrial uses from which we may derive an income for funding and maintaining these extraction systems. We can use them to produce nutritious, edible products (amino acids) and to produce construction materials.

     3) One of the problems of global warming is water retention in the air. A small rise in air temperature helps the air carry more water, but the water in the air holds more heat. So, to get that extra water in the air out, we can extract water from the air by cooling it. This is good for places that do not have much water.

Here is Jeff Bridges talking about plastic pollution. There is something we can do to help clean it up.